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Broke Straight Boys says: Chandler Scott and Zeno Kostas do a little show-and-tell with their tattoos, taking off their shirts to show each other what they’ve got, and that’s when Zeno moves in, kissing Chandler from behind and making him crave Zeno’s expert lips. They make out for a minute before Zeno is on the move, working his way down to Chandler’s cock and then yanking those boxers off and taking Chandler’s sweet dick in his mouth.

Zeno sucks and deep throats that dick, not afraid to get a little messy if it means his partner is enjoying himself, and Zeno’s skilled tongue has Chandler hard in seconds. They switch and Zeno gets his cock sucked, but when he’s had enough oral he bends Chandler over and fingers his hole then rims Chandler’s tight entrance before lubing up and fucking it. Read the full story here

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Hot twink foursome Blake, Brandon, Sam and Max at Broke Straight Boys

Broke Straight Boys says: A hot twink foursome with Blake, Brandon, Max, and Sam. Their poor bed is too small for the cuteness assembled. All are new to the experience of quartet boot knocking. So down to the action. Clothes are quickly shed, and Max’s big dick looks like it’s ready for action.

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Zander Floyd bareback fucks Tanner Valentino’s tight boy asshole


Broke Straight Boys says: Zander Floyd is ready to get this scene started with his sexy partner Tanner Valentino, and Zander leans in for a kiss as they start to make out and run their hands all over each other.

Zander reaches down for Tanner’s cock and strokes it through Tanner’s pants before unleashing the beast and trying to fit that whole cock in his mouth. Read the full story here

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Young straight studs Gage Owens and Zeno Kostas bareback butt fuck


Broke Straight Boys says: Gage Owens is one of our newbies and he’s about to learn a few things about sucking cock and fucking ass. Zeno Kostas is his teacher, and even though he’s not looking forward to bottoming, he’s keeping an open mind to cumming hard.

Zeno dives right in, grabbing Gage and kissing him on the lips, then telling him all of his sensitive spots so that Gage can get to work. Read the full story here

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Broke Straight Boys says: Bobby Owens and Justin Dean have been in porn for about the same amount of time, and these experienced guys are ready to show you what all those years of cock sucking and ass fucking has taught them.

A few kisses while Bobby strips down, and Justin is all over that cock, taking it in his mouth and sucking it as Bobby moans above him, watching his prick disappear into Justin’s wet mouth. Read the full story here

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Broke Straight Boys says: Jos Alvarez and Calhoun Sawyer make out kissing passionately when Calhoun reaches down into Jos’s tight underwear pulling his big soft cock free and sucking it down to the back of his throat.

Jos’s soft cock gets fully erect on Calhoun’s expert tongue, Jos returns the favor deep throating Calhoun’s huge cock. Read the full story here