Sexy professor Michael Boston and Finn Harding spit-roast young hottie Troye Dean’s holes

Share with friends says: Young hottie professor Michael Boston is at the library where he is helping his studious sexy student Finn Harding with some after-hours study.

Suddenly smooth hot twink Troye Dean runs in and hides under the table, closely followed by the jock he just pranked.

As Michael tries to send the angry guy away, Troye pulls Finn’s cock out and sucks it.

When Michael returns, Finn’s having trouble concentrating on the math problems, so Michael encourages him with a sneaky kiss.

After Troye gets roughed up by his bully, the kind prof comes to help, and Troye sucks his big hard cock too.

Finn decides to use that ass, rimming, and then fucking Troye’s hole before he and Michael switch places.

Michael wants to get fucked too, so Finn pounds him doggy style, then fucks both the professor and the twink missionary on a table before Michael and Finn cover Troye’s face with their loads.

Watch FULL MOVIE here!


Watch FULL MOVIE here!


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Big Cock Gay Porn Guy
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