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Icon Male says: After taking a dip in the beautiful pool, the two friends, Avery Jones and Dylan Herring, want to make each other wet.

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Icon Male says: After checking out the rental house, Adam Ramzi and Jake Nicola decide to check each other out in the master bedroom. These two horny new stepbrothers are ready to get into some nasty hairy fun with each other. Lots of cock sucking ass eating and hot wild fucking will keep you guessing, who is the master?

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Tommy Defendi unzips his pants, and pulls out his massive dick which Duncan Black starts stroking


Icon Male says: As Duncan Black lathers his body in the shower, he is deep in thought, his mind wandering to what he’d heard the night before. Tommy Defendi’s sister joins her brother in bed while she’s waiting for Duncan to finish, and they have a heart to heart.

She worries about Tommy and feels that she is responsible for him now that their Mom is gone. Duncan’s entrance into the room interrupts their conversation, and he climbs into bed as well. Read the full story here

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Jessie Colter’s muscle asshole gets a good fucking by Andrew Fitch’s huge cock


Icon Male says: Massage therapist Jessie Colter’s patient today is Andrew Fitch a married father of three who’s life as a stockbroker is leaving him frustrated and anxious.

A referral from his therapist to the Gay Massage House only means one thing: he’s a closeted man who needs to realize his true desires if he wants to heal, and Jessie is there to help him do that. Read the full story here

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Hot muscle hunk Arad Win Win fucks the tight holes of young studs Dakota Payne and Taylor Reign

Icon Male says: Dakota Payne, kept his promise by telling his husband Arad Win Win, about his little affair with Taylor Reign.

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Older stud Dallas Steele hardcore fucking Adam Awbride’s hot young ass

Men for Men Blog Dallas-Steele-Adam-Awbride-Older-stud-hardcore-fucking-virgin-boy-hot-young-ass-IconMale-001-gay-porn-pics-gallery Older stud Dallas Steele hardcore fucking Adam Awbride's hot young ass Icon Male

Icon Male says: Adam Awbride sits Dallas Steele down and wants to talk to him about something that has been on his mind. He cannot contain himself anymore he wants to fuck him. He won’t stop until his hard cock is inside his mouth.

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Billy Santoro rims Armond Rizzo's tight smooth boy asshole


Icon Male says: Young Armond Rizzo isn’t very content with the fact that Billy Santoro, the older man he’s been seeing in secret, is still with his boyfriend. Feeling ‘second placed’, Armond feels he should tell the truth so they could finally be together.

But Billy is concerned that if he tells his boyfriend that he’s been cheating on him, he might get violent. Despaired, Billy lowers his head and places his hands over his face. To comfort him, Armond leans in to kiss Billy’s ear, then slowly makes his way down the neck. Read the full story here

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Adam Russo fucks Tony Salerno’s muscular jock ass


Icon Male says: Adam Russo visits his old high school buddy Tony Salerno, and when Adam finds out that Tony and his wife are breaking up he’s taken aback. What’s even more surprising is when he learns Tony isn’t attracted to women.

Tony knew his marriage was over when he finally experienced the intimacy he was lacking with a man, feelings he never experienced with any woman. Having been too scared to experiment with guys since he was a teenager, it was a revelation. Tony is unsure if his buddy will accept him, but Adam assures him that won’t give up on their friendship, reaching in for a reassuring hug which ignites something between them. Read the full story here

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Brandon Wilde and Roman Todd Banging each other assholes

Icon Male says: Brandon Wilde and Roman Todd accidentally find themselves locked in the storage room together. They are stuck inside till the weekend janitor comes in the next morning. Brandon complains to Roman that he is freezing cold! The two snuggle up together to keep warm.

It isn’t long before they find themselves feeling each other up, then finding themselves engaging in the wildest dirtiest boy on boy fucking. Banging each other assholes, and intensely sucking each other cocks. Ending with cum bursting climaxes. Read the full story here

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Hot young twink Sam Truitt fucks hairy chested daddy Adam Russo


Icon Male says: Adam Russo pulls up to his place to see his former stepson, Sam Truitt, waiting outside for him in the cold rain. The guys go inside to catch up.

They’ve missed each other a lot since Adam and Sam’s mom were divorced. Sam says he’d rather live with Adam even though he’s not his biological dad, and leans in on Adam’s shoulder. Read the full story here

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