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CzechHunter says: I was walking around the old city center when I bumped into Marian. He was a cute 18 years old dude, who didn’t want to talk too much about himself. Even though he had a job, he was broke.

Mainly because Marian liked casinos… That was good news, gamblers are always easy. I offered him a way to make nice money. The deal was 20 000 Crowns for sex. He hesitated for a second and then took me to his place. Read the full story here

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CzechHunter says: I bumped into David who was heading to meet up with a friend. He worked as a warehouse operative so when I mentioned earning extra money I got his full attention. We started chatting and soon he was undressing so that I could admire his nice slim body.

He wasn’t into sports but he still looked toned and fit. I made him an offer that I wanted to see him naked. Read the full story here

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CzechHunter says: Hmmmm its a rainy day and everyone is sheltering indoors. Czech Hunter is going to have to work overtime as there are no people outside.

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CzechHunter says: I spotted this cute angelic dude immediately. He is in high school, a student who is only 18 years old.

He tells me that he is from a small village in the north of the Czech Republic, and he came to Prague because his friend was throwing a party at his flat. I’m pretty sure he didn’t plan to have sex before getting to the party. Read the full story here

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CzechHunter says: Today I met a very busy teenager. He spent all his available time either at college or his job. The guy was cute and blond, also a bit shy… I was definitely into him. My approach was a bit different than usual.

I invited him to my place straight away using a job offer as a pre-text. I gave him a few hints what it was about but nothing too scary. As the dude was sipping coffee at my flat, I offered him to become my regular whore with a stable income. Read the full story here

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CzechHunter says: I met Marek right in the street and it was a lucky find. The guy finished high school not a long time ago and had only a few short part-time jobs abroad. He was struggling a bit ever since he came back to the Czech Republic.

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