Nicholas Duff gets his cock sucked for the first time by Timmy

Chaos Men says: When I was trying to figure out who would blow Nicholas Duff, I thought maybe Timmy would be down for it.

I sent Timmy some pictures of Nicholas, and his immediate response was that he would love to have sex with him instead! Read the full story here

Brenner Bolton barebacks Braxton


Chaos Men says: Braxton has been a busy guy. We had been staying in touch, trying to find a free moment for him to come down and mess around with some guys. I actually got him locked in to do a couple videos, and he is even down for trying to get bareback fucked again. Brenner’s raw cock slips between Braxton’s ass cheeks.

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Baker and Bryan


Chaos Men says: Baker took a new fancy job. It required him to go away for 4 weeks training, and then he came back and started his 9-5 job. He sure didn’t conform to the standard work day and daily grind, so quit after a short time, and found a local minimum wage job which was not covering his bills.

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Chaos Men says: Trian is single dad, former military, and just looking at ways he can bring in some extra money with his extra big cock. It ranges from 7.5-8″ but it has that amazing girth to it that makes it even more enormous. Not only is he happy with his cock, but he knows that guys like his ass also. Definitely not shy about showing it off, or letting a dude put his cock there.

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Chaos Men says: Corban stuck to straight porn for his shoots, but he appears to be fully bisexual. Though he is very nervous about doing anything on camera with a guy. It feels a little bit like he has always been on the down low, and even though he likes sex with guys, putting it on film seemed the biggest challenge.

See Corban fully exposed here!

Chaos-Men-Corban-straight-porn-fully-bisexual-likes-sex-with-guys-gays-with-girlfriends-002-male-tube-red-tube-gallery-photo Read the full story here

Bay and Gennaro


Chaos Men says: Gennaro was down for topping a guy, but seemed very passive about doing it. So I had Bay take the lead on the massage table and it seemed to work pretty well. He is a lot more shy then he was about receiving head, something he is a lot more familiar with. Bay takes charge, showing-casing that amazing ass while getting Gennaro charged up and ready to fuck.

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