Leo Marco and Michel Rudin


Eurocreme says: Pulling Leo Marco up onto all fours, Michel Rudin takes his twink doggy, Leo’s slim frame fitting easily into Michel’s hands. He works the horny twink back and forth onto him. Leo’s loving every second he’s getting fucked, and Michel loving the feeling of his smooth skin, tight under his grip.

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Sneak Peak Cameron Donald and Joel Jenkins


English Lads says: Joel Jenkins has one of those beautiful uncut cocks that stands up tall and proud, hard against his abs, it is always quite so rock hard. Joel can’t quite believe what he is letting Cameron Donald do to his body and he starts to relax and enjoy the massage, but gets all jumpy when his cock gets manhandled.

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Blue Bailey and Jaxon Jones


Hot Barebacking says: Jaxon Jones can’t get enough of Blue Bailey’s tight smooth ass hole. He gives Blue’s hole a deep rapid pounding. Blue briefly takes a breather from bottoming, and sighs in pleasure as he thrusts his member down Jaxon’s skull. The scene finishes with Jaxon eating his own cum off Blue’s ass.

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Jasper Knight


English Lads says: Jasper Knight is a young straight man who these days plays lots of rugby and through his teens was a gymnast. He is bouncing full of confidence and is seemingly happier the less he has on and the minute his uncut cock comes out he can’t take his hands of it.

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