Jim Kerouac and Andrei Karenin


Belami says: Over in the discussion forum at Belami Online some of you have been asking for some of our more athletic boys to be featured. To fulfill your wishes we have scheduled this scene with Jim Kerouac and Andrei Karenin. The boys start off slowly and romantically as Jim wakes Andrei up from his slumber, but gradually pick up the pace as they turn it into the perfect morning bareback raw ass fuck.

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Cooper Reed and Palmer


Chaos Men says: With Palmer moving ahead full-steam though this limits, I wanted again to put him with someone who really knows what they are doing and could also flip-flop fuck with him. Since Palmer is into body building, and Cooper Reed clearly spends a lot of time in the gym, I knew these two would have natural chemistry and even a little body envy. They were trading training workouts and supplement tips on the ride to the studio, which broke the ice between the guys.

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Avi Dar and Marc Dylan


Young businessman Marc Dylan checks his mailbox when his high-class neighbor, Avi Dar, returns home from an exhausting and aggravating day at the office. The two eye each other up in the hallway and begin their walk up the stairwell. Keeping their public and professional lives separate from their hot, intense private lives, they stop each other on their walk up and begin kissing, hoping that no one will notice them. For security, they both take refuge in Avi’s apartment: the Israeli executive slams Marc against the wall, undoes his pants, and slides his dick down his throat.

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Sneak Peak Muscle Man Ajay Laws


Gay Hoopla says: Gap between his front teeth – check. Chin dimple – check. Hard muscled ass – check. Perfect cock and balls you want to devour – check. AJ Laws has it all, and he wants to share every bit of it with you.

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Note: Sneak preview of latest GayHoopla updates. Only one photo (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by Gay Hoopla. Read the full story here

Dirty boy threesome Owen Moore fucking Timmy Taylor and Tim Walker


Dirty boy threesome Owen Moore fucking Timmy Taylor and Tim Walker

Staxus says: Dark-haired beauty, Owen Moore, is at that time of life where all you want to do is have sex or wank – or alternatively, fantasize about having sex or about other guys having sex or wanking. In short, that period in your life when you’re a non-stop sperm-producing machine and shooting your load three or four times a day is totally effortless.

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